Important Update: This blog is – despite its origin in a seminar of the mentioned Universities of Turku and Regensburg – no longer associated with those two Institutions and has never been an official project of any of these Institutions. The responsibility for the links and quotes in the published writings lies with the authors alone.

This blog was generated in context of a seminar on workplace learning at the Institute for Educational Sciences at the University of Regensburg (Germany) conducted between October 2008 and February 2009. The postings provide a brief introduction into selected, but important theories on workplace and professional learning: They describe the main ideas and distinctive research. The authors are all students of the Bachelor, Diploma, or Magister program in Educational Science.

We now invite students at the University of Turku to use this weblog as starting point for their preparation for the seminar on workplace learning end of April 2009. Further, we invite all interested people to comment our postings. Every kind of discussion, critique, and extension are mostly appreciated!

For questions, please send an email to the administrator: stefan.spiess[at]homosociologicus.de



  1. Thanks for a good start! The Finnish group will continue from here.

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